Until You Collector’s Edition eBook Set (Books 1-3) by D.M. Davis

Until You Collector's Edition eBook Set (Books 1-3) by D.M. Davis Book Title Until You Collector's Edition eBook Set (Books 1-3) Author Name D.M. Davis Publisher D.M. Davis Publish Date 07/16/2020 Book Description Some loves are destined to be regardless of how hard they fight it or the obstacles they face. This eBook Box Set... Continue Reading →

Right with Me (A With Me in Seattle Universe Novel) by Stacey Lewis

Right with Me (A With Me in Seattle Universe Novel) by Stacey Lewis Book Title Right with Me (A With Me in Seattle Universe Novel) Author Name Stacey Lewis Publisher Lady Boss Press Publish Date 06/22/2020 Book Description Being a single mom by the time Hailey Lucas turned thirty wasn’t one of her life goals.... Continue Reading →

Sleight of Hand by Ainsley St Claire

Sleight of Hand by Ainsley St Claire Book Title Sleight of Hand Author Name Ainsley St Claire Publisher Loisir Publishig Publish Date 06/29/2020 Book Description The night was magical, the morning after wasn't. I was celebrating selling my company when I noticed him enter the bar. Landon knew just what to say and one thing... Continue Reading →

‘Til Death Do Us Part by Samantha Baca

‘Til Death Do Us Part by Samantha Baca Book Title ‘Til Death Do Us Part Author Name Samantha Baca Publish Date 05/05/2020 Book Description Til death do us part wasn’t supposed to be a threat… After surviving an abusive childhood, Mia Johnson escapes small-town Colorado and meets the man of her dreams. Damian promises her... Continue Reading →

Jackson’s Heart by Mel Walker

Jackson's Heart by Mel Walker Book Title Jackson's Heart Author Name Mel Walker Publish Date 04/30/2020 Book Description Everyone has a past. Dana tried to outrun hers by moving to beautiful Lake Hope in search of a fresh start. With her life at a crossroads, she must choose between a life-alternating professional opportunity or address... Continue Reading →

Playing for Love by Stephanie Queen

Playing for Love by Stephanie Queen Book Title Playing for Love Author Name Stephanie Queen Publish Date 03/25/2020 Book Description Superstar NFL quarterback Gabriel Wyatt loves football more than anything. Until he falls for that woman he let go back in college--his girlfriend’s best friend. My girlfriend hates football and hates Boston even more. She... Continue Reading →

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