At the Kingdoms’ Fold by T. M. Caruana & Heléne von Wachenfeldt

At the Kingdoms' Fold by T. M. Caruana & Heléne von Wachenfeldt Book Title At the Kingdoms' Fold Author Name T. M. Caruana & Heléne von Wachenfeldt Publisher KDP Publish Date 08/25/2020 Book Description A furious King crusades across land and sea, seeking the Queen he was promised who escaped him. Slaughtering her people, the... Continue Reading →

Protect Forever: A Peak Valley Forever Series by Amanda Lee Dixon

Protect Forever: A Peak Valley Forever Series by Amanda Lee Dixon Book Title Protect Forever: A Peak Valley Forever Series Author Name Amanda Lee Dixon Publish Date 08/07/2020 Book Description Not much changes in Peak Valley, and Clint likes it that way, as long as everyone leaves him the hell alone. But when the mysterious... Continue Reading →

No Mercy by D.M. Davis

No Mercy by D.M. Davis Book Title No Mercy Author Name D.M. Davis Publisher KB Worlds LLC Publish Date 08/13/2020 Book Description When it comes to protecting his angel, he has no mercy. Gabriel: The first time I saw her, she made my pulse dance to a rhythm that matched the sway of her hips.... Continue Reading →

Casting A Spell by PE Kavanagh

Casting A Spell by PE Kavanagh Book Title Casting A Spell Author Name PE Kavanagh Publish Date 07/01/2020 Book Description Getting outed as a witch is the worst thing that’s ever happened to Libra. Worse than the betrayal of her blabbermouth ex-husband. The last straw? The big, dumb bodyguard who thinks he can protect her... Continue Reading →

Mad About You by Mellanie Szereto

Mad About You by Mellanie Szereto Book Title Mad About You Author Name Mellanie Szereto Publisher Amatoria Press Publish Date 03/19/2020 Book Description Super steamy romantic suspense short story~ Love is worth dying for. Jessamine Youngblood is getting married today. Or is she? She’s having second thoughts even before Maddox, her sexy ex-con ex-husband, crashes... Continue Reading →

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