Daddy’s Scamp Kindle Edition by J.D. Rose

Daddy's Scamp Kindle Edition by J.D. Rose Book Title Daddy's Scamp Kindle Edition Author Name J.D. Rose Publish Date 01/20/2021 Book Description New York City, 1927. The city is swelling with booze and jazz. And across the bowery and the upper fifty streets- the boys are looking for their Daddies. Sam Owens is about to... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Blend by Kathryn Starke

The Perfect Blend by Kathryn Starke Book Title The Perfect Blend Author Name Kathryn Starke Publisher Satin Books, Melange Books Publish Date 01/26/2021 Book Description She has no time to date. He has no desire to date. Nevertheless, one sweet treat blends the perfect match. This contemporary romance reminds readers of the power of a... Continue Reading →

The Governess Gambit by Erica Ridley

The Governess Gambit by Erica Ridley Book Title The Governess Gambit Author Name Erica Ridley Publish Date 12/29/2020 Book Description Meet the Wild Wynchesters: This fun-loving, caper-committing family of tight-knit siblings can’t help but find love and adventure! Years ago, Chloe Wynchester and five other uniquely talented orphans were adopted by a wealthy baron with... Continue Reading →

Two Hearts’ Christmas Promise by Tamara Ferguson

Two Hearts' Christmas Promise by Tamara Ferguson Book Title Two Hearts' Christmas Promise Author Name Tamara Ferguson Publish Date 09/13/2020 Book Description When News Correspondent Alexandra Returns Home Injured From A Deadly Assignment, Can Air Force Pilot Sean Convince Her To Keep Her Christmas Promise? High school hockey player Sean Reynolds is captivated by Crystal... Continue Reading →

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