Blind Obedience by Jordan Leger

Blind Obedience by Jordan Leger
Book Title Blind Obedience
Author Name Jordan Leger
Publish Date 05/31/2020
Book Description The Intuition Series isn’t over just yet. Read as Grayson and Daniella heat up the pages in this next installment.

was the most beautiful creature I’d ever set my sights on. Would
Daniella want a man as sinister as me once she found out who I truly

I wasn’t a man to reckon with. I had killed with my bare
hands. Killed people who deserved to die. People who did unspeakable
thing to others. I took care of them so they were never seen again. And
I was damn good at it.

Would that frighten the pretty blonde?

had skills. Skills that I wanted to try with her. Would Daniella ever
let me play? Tame her little wild side she had? Break her?

That’s what I did to my subs. I played.

I wanted to hurt her, make her tears flow, and lick them away.

I wanted her.

My Angel.

And I always got what I wanted.

was raised by six men. I didn’t fear much and some said I was spoiled,.
That any man crazy enough to look my way…well. I didn’t think I was
spoiled. I wanted to be free of my overbearing family.

I was a twenty year old woman who just wanted to live. To break free and go on my own.

I had friends-some with benefits. Why not indulged? There was nothing
wrong with enjoying life. That’s if my overly protective five brothers
would let me.

Then Grady showed up at my family’s ranch. He gave off these dangerous vibes, but a side that also thrilled me.

I knew what he was.

Or I thought I did.

Fear wasn’t in my vocabulary. Tough was. I could handle what he was…I think.

Would this man be able to handle a woman like me?

Warning: This book is for 18+ only.

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