Sleight of Hand by Ainsley St Claire

Sleight of Hand by Ainsley St Claire
Book Title Sleight of Hand
Author Name Ainsley St Claire
Publisher Loisir Publishig
Publish Date 06/29/2020
Book Description The night was magical, the morning after wasn’t.

I was
celebrating selling my company when I noticed him enter the bar. Landon
knew just what to say and one thing led to another. It was supposed to
be a onetime thing, but reality slapped me in the face the next morning.
He arrived to sign the purchase papers, and now I was committed to work
for him for an entire decade. When I can’t make my code work, his
patience runs thin. Someone is sabotaging us, and if we can’t figure it
out, I’ll have no company, no money, and no future.

That night
Tinsley offered something I couldn’t resist. Now she works for me, and I
have to put that night behind us. The project isn’t getting finished,
and the competition is nipping at our heels. My firm put a lot of money
into this, and if I can’t get it sorted out we lose and it affects a lot
of people. I thought I was going to ruin her for other men when this
was over, but she may ruin me first.

Competition in the sector is
fierce. Mutual attraction and a looming deadline collide in a volatile
mix when Landon and Tinsley are forced together. Will missing coworkers,
paparazzi, paternity suits, poker tournaments, and other distractions
all conspire to threaten their future?

Sleight of Hand is a
standalone romantic suspense novel with a happy ending. It’s the third
book in the Billionaire Tech Series featuring the characters from the
Venture Capitalist and Clear Security series.

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