Finding Himself Again by Ann M Pratley

Finding Himself Again by Ann M Pratley
Book Title Finding Himself Again
Author Name Ann M Pratley
Publish Date 04/16/2020
Book Description In a small seaside area of Sydney, Australia, 28-year-old Tom Santini has recently returned to the outside world after ten long years in jail following an error of judgement in his youth. Readjustment hasn’t been easy but luck has taken a turn for him. The woman that his brother, Graham, has been seeing is a woman with connections. Through her, Tom has finally found an employer who will give an ex-criminal a chance to start over. It hasn’t been an easy six months since his release, but Tom is learning to face his situation with reality and step up to take responsibility for his decisions.

Settled in his job at Toby’s Stop’n’Dine, Tom’s attention is captured by a young woman who enters. She’s beautiful and alluring, but seeing and talking to her, he can deeply sense her being on the run from something … or someone. Cat is smart, sexy and a woman who will make him wonder if he does in fact have a chance at being happy in love, despite his past. But why does she spook so easily? What – or who – is she on the run from? Tom knows that whatever happens, he has to think before he acts. He is determined to do things differently when it comes to dealing with difficult situations. He’s already missed out on so much. He cannot go back to prison.

What can he do to calm and keep safe the woman who he so recently met but already has made a difference in his life? How can he save the woman with a deep seated passion that drives him crazy… The woman who understands just how important and difficult it is to find oneself again …

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