Bound (Wolverine MC) book 1 by Alexi Ferreira

Bound (Wolverine MC) book 1 by Alexi Ferreira
Book Title Bound (Wolverine MC) book 1
Author Name Alexi Ferreira
Publish Date 04/30/2020
Book Description HUNTER
I have wondered if I would ever find my soulmate, the woman that would calm my soul. Now that I’ve found her she is mine, she just doesnt know it yet. Her ex thinks that he can stalk my woman and there will be no repercussions , well he has terrorized her enough. I will make sure that no one ever hurts her again. Anyone that tries to mess with her will have to deal with me and the whole Wolverine MC.

This is a bad idea, but when I’m with Hunter I feel safe, and wanted, something that I havent felt in a long time. He has my heart racing with a single glance, There is a bond between us that I cant deny. Being part of an MC is intimidating, but they are protective and like family, I know it’s a mistake but I have never felt more at home or complete as I do now.

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